Chires Monitoring Framework

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Chires adds the rich power of JMX to ordinary applications by leveraging Aspect programming. Our goals are to provide simple application transparency with as little overhead as possible and absolutely no code changes. Among the important features are the ability to get rough profiling of your application tiers, the ability to track the performance and reliability of specific methods and the exposing of control for applicable configuration paramaters for remote control.

We're looking for help in getting this project off the ground. Ping our mailing list if your interested!

Screen Shot

Below is a picture of the first integration with MC4J. As you can see, the profiler component of Chires is providing call structure information to MC4J over the wire and MC4J is providing real-time updates of this call stack.

Running the test

First download aspectwerkz 2.0 RC1 and JDK 1.5

Install both and update the aspectwerkz.home property in your to
    point at your aspectwerkz installation dir

Run 'ant dist' in the aspectwerkz directory

In the <aspectwerkz home>/lib directory, rename picolo*.jar to picolo*.jar.ignore
    (This parser is not compatible with all sorts of stuff)

Run 'ant dist test' in the chires directory to build and start the tests


Project created (8/23/04)

Just the start.

Copyright © 2001-2004, Greg Hinkle